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Small Pond… December 10, 2009

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Thank you to Kristina Rowley of the Gazette for covering our performance, no pun intended. One small correction, the song about Greenbelt is called The Typewriter Song. Our next performance is TBD.

Thanks to Kristina’s article, Peace Corps has asked to use our song “Carrying Water” in its educational curriculum titled Water in Africa. I guess that means we should put it on our next album!

What’s the deal with our websites? Well we started with this one, which is good for streaming. (Scroll down and hover on any of the highlighted song titles to play them with an embedded audio player.) Unfortunately, the server space we were using is no longer accessible to us since I, er, graduated from the Catholic University of America, whose IT folks were unwittingly supporting our music. (We do have one song about Pope Benedict’s visit to campus last year, which is perhaps a fair exchange.) So those links will expire any day now. It will be a lesson in impermanence (and in using student server space to launch a music career.)

Then we exhausted the free storage space on our Google site, where the MP3s are all attachments, which is functional but a little less than stylish.

Regardless, nothing should stop you from listening to our music free of charge or re-mixing us, and if you want the plastic version of Open During Construction, please email us.

Thanks for listening.



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