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What do Diountou and Twitter Have in Common? February 22, 2010

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Diountou is a village in rural Guinea where my friend Jesse Thyne served as a Peace Corps Volunteer until he was killed in a car accident on January 7, 2000. It is also the natal village of Amadou Diallo, and you can learn more about the Thyne-Diallo coincidences in Micah Schaffer’s documentary Death of Two Sons.

Last month on the tenth anniversary of Jesse’s death I reflected on what he had taught me and what he would tell me to do with my emotions that day. The result is our new song You Would Say to Laugh, downloadable on our website.

Jesse Thyne, 1975-2000

Jesse's "Spare Parts" in Thies, Senegal, Summer 1998

While the Diallo connection might get Jesse to Twitter in fewer steps, the connection here is that I am also announcing the release of our first song about Twitter (I am working on another called One Forty), this one called On a Wire is also available on our website. Enjoy them both!



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