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This is the way we write the songs we sing. June 3, 2010

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Jacob and I live 720 miles apart and do almost all of our songwriting at a distance, online. (I think last November before our CD release party at NDC for ODC — did you get all that? — there was some tomfoolery involving a dead opossum, a video camera and a 67-key piano that might constitute in-person collaboration, but that is by far the exception, rather than the rule.)

So, often, and so often, people ask us how we do what we do, being at such a distance and with such a non-traditional arrangement. (Although being only 7 miles apart and online would likely present the same challenges.) When a local newspaper covered our November performance, the journalist seemed more interested in our long-distance collaboration dynamic than in its results (i.e. the songs, man), but I digress…

The real answer to how this works is that we both have tons of ideas and day jobs that leave open and fertile several mental channels for hatching the beginnings of songs. We also have a somewhat unusual history that I like to refer to as our “2 going on 12 years” of co-writing, so yes, to say it happens in fits and starts is an understatement. Another version of how it happens is in our new song, Echos and Gales.

Keep your fingers crossed for a December gig at New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, and stay tuned for posts about two other new songs, OK — a glimpse into the origins of my Twitter bio — and Slow-Moving Kidnapper (Song for David Carr) about how I am processing his memoir, The Night of the Gun.


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