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Whiskey is Water, Water is Wine June 16, 2010

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Are you confused by that title (or at least what it has to do with us)? Well, then, just wait until you hear our new single, OK. If you hear a word you don’t understand I probably made it up. We’re still counting thirteen or so tracks per digital collection which means it’s time to start a new one. We welcome the Hopeful Romantic collection with our newest single, Slow-Moving Kidnapper (Song for David Carr).

Moxy Früvous has this great song called Stuck in the 90s. I like them. And I, like them, am at times stuck in the 90s, especially when it comes to songwriting. I was in high school from 1990-94, and many things got crystallized in that time, like the scenes in our new single, Slow-Moving Kidnapper (Song for David Carr). I am quite sure Mr. Carr will not recognize himself in it, but it’s essentially how I think I would have felt reading his memoir at the tender age of thirteen when I was reading and rereading Paul Zindel’s The Pigman instead. (Check out the new sidebar on books.)

Also, heartfelt congratulations to our album designer Kristin Summers on the birth of her daughter, Baby Red Bat. A tribute is, inevitably, on its way.


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